What are International City Numbers?

International city numbers give you a presence in a particular city in a country without the need for offices or staff. Your International city numbers can be routed back to your existing UK office, mobile or any existing phone number in the world.

If you need a local presence because your customers prefer to deal with  local suppliers then you don’t need to purchase an office, hire staff and navigate international law.

All you need to do is purchase a virtual international phone number which will make you look local. We provide virtual city phone numbers in over 9,000 cities across the world which will help you create a local image.

When a customer dials your International city number the call is automatically and instantly routed to your existing landline or mobile number. International city numbers can be set-up quickly and you don’t need to install and maintain any hardware or software.

“Harley Street Consultations have lots of overseas clients so it’s important for us to make the method of new clients contacting us easy as possible.

Thanks and would recommend this service.”

Sharon Blass, Harley Street Consultations

Top Features

 Any Number

We can supply virtually any International City Number or International Freephone number.

 Bespoke IVR

The call is answered in the local language and then arrives on your UK landline business phone or even onto a mobile.

 Full of Features

Features include Call recording, Call routing, Call logs & Voice mail.

Number of Countries

Choice of City Numbers

International Calls Being Delivered

Happy Customers

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Not only will it be significantly cheaper than setting up an office with staff and lines but you will create a great impression with calls answered in your company name and in the local language.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an international number without an office in an overseas City?

Yes,with international City Numbers we can set you up with a unique overseas City number that can be answered with your Company name in the local language

Are there any hidden costs?

No all our charges are on our web site and you can set up an International City number from only £20.

What other services can be linked to my International City Number?

We can add call recording,Voice-mail,Call Attendant,Call logs,Call diverts.

What other services can international City numbers help us with?

International City Numbers are part of the Netcomm Group Ltd who have been established for over 30 years in helping 1,000’s of UK business’s with all their telecommunication needs,from new lines to the latest VOIP technology including Mobile integration.