Choose a Service

International City Numbers give you full control on how when and where your International City Number calls are delivered.

Simple Divert

You can choose a simple divert so when a caller calls your International City number the call is automatically and instantly transferred to a number of your choice.

This can be a landline number and department within your organisation or we can even deliver this call straight to a mobile anywhere in the world.

Bespoke Divert

International City numbers can further bespoke your service by recording your company greetings in the local language where ever the number is located, we use professional multi lingual voice over artists thus creating the right impression of your business with your overseas callers.

Available Features

We can further add value to our service by offering you the following features:

  • Call recording
  • Call logging and analysis so you can check on how the numbers are performing
  • Call routing so you can divert the calls to a voicemail or answering service after hours and when busy
  • Call queues with personalised messaging so callers can hear where they are in the queue.
  • We can Alpha tag the calls so you are aware is a call from an overseas caller
  • Time of day routing so calls can be answered as and when your offices are open anywhere in the world

International city numbers are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of International city Numbers.

We have over 9,000 International City Numbers available in over 500 Countries.

Please let us know if you have any special requirements like offering an International freephone number that can help with marketing for generating extra enquiries from anywhere in the world.

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