Choose a Country Number

Setting up our service is quick,easy and fussfree; all you need to do is:


1. Choose a Country

2. Choose a City from the Country list

3. let us know what type of service you require,ie Simple divert or our bespoke answering service

4. Please complete the enquiry form with your details,as we will need information as to where to terminate these calls

One of our trained staff will also contact you to help set up the account and advise you on how to monitor usage and set up the list of features that are available,like call recording,call logs,setting up diverts etc.

“We recently took an International City number to advertise a new web site that has an International customer base so having a selection of International city numbers was useful for the site’s creditability.

The response by using International City Numbers was a lot higher so definitely would recommend to any company looking to have an International presence.”

Sean Alexander, Owner, Sean Alexander Design

Would you like a Simple Divert or Bespoke Divert? Bespoke Divert allows you to enter your own message and divert options, a simple divert will just forward calls to another number:

  • Call Recording
  • Call Logs
  • Call Diverts On No Answer
  • Voicemail
  • Conference Calls
  • Call Queues With Announcements
  • Call Redirection Rules, I.e Time Of Day
  • Weekends And Holidays